RESA FANTASTISKT MYSTISK purports to be a long-lost masterpiece by a bitter rival of 19th century playwright August Strindberg. In a parody of storied plays that one is expected to admire but that no longer work, RESA is full of stilted dialogue, cheesy symbolism and jokes that just might have been funny two hundred years ago. During the show, the audience wears headphones so that the Director/Translator can make sure they are “getting it”. As the actors inevitably disappoint, the commentary devolves into personal attacks until a supernatural visitation reveals exactly who is the one who is not “getting it”.



“Production of the Year” (LA Weekly Award nominee); Outstanding Playwriting and Acting (Garland Award); Outstanding Ensemble (FringeNYC Award); Best Bet (LA Times) Pick of the Week (LA Weekly); Critic’s Pick (Backstage West); Critic’s Choice (The Scotsman)


NY Times – “Consistently, smartly funny and delightfully original”

New York Magazine – “A genius comic experience”

Theatremania – “One of the most original, funny, and inspiring shows of the New York International Fringe Festival”

OffOffOff – “So wonderful that you want to tell everyone about it and yet so deviously clever that you don’t want to spoil a thing for future playgoers” – “If you’re looking for a show that makes you simply laugh out loud for 90 minutes, Burglars of Hamm and The Ghost Road’s current production, Resa Fantastiskt Mystisk, is the ticket.”

NY Arts – “a dazzling ensemble piece”

The Scotsman (Scotland’s National Newspaper) – “I wish I had seen this fantastic show sooner because then I could have recommended it to more people”

Chortle (Scotland) – “It’s all very funny, a brilliant example of how comedy at its best can really work the emotions”

Edinburgh Guide – “A fantastic laugh”

Willamette Week (Portland) – “The hands-down best production we saw” [at the Seattle Fringe]

The Stranger (Seattle) – “This production was totally awesome”

Seattle Times – “Genius… It’s something that must be seen to be fully understood”

Backstage West – “…may change the face of theatre as we know it… an earth-shattering, theatrical epiphany”

LA Times – “Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the glory that is Mattsun”

LA Weekly – “Clever, erudite, and often laugh-out-loud funny”

KPCC Radio – “Absolutely delightful”