EASY TARGETS is for every audience member who has sat in the dark at a bad play thinking they now know what prison must be like. It allows the audience to act out the fantasy of punishing their jailers. A satire of one-person-shows, each EASY TARGETS evening draws 4-6 short solo shows from a library of titles such as “Hi Dad I’m Gay”, “An Evening with Abraham Lincoln” and “All About Me”, and then invites the audience to show their “appreciation” by pummeling the performers with rolled-up socks any time they feel bored, annoyed, patronized, manipulated, etc. Each audience of EASY TARGETS forms a pack working to remind the performers, writers and designers that if they fail to respect the audience, they will suffer the sock.


2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival Award for Best Comedy; 2017 Tracey Collins Funny Girl Award for comedic performance (Carolyn Almos); 2017 Encore Producers' Award; 2017 Better Lemons Critics' Choice Award and year-end Best of Los Angeles Theatre (mention); Fringereview Outstanding Show; Stage Raw Top Ten


Better Lemons - "One of the most fun evenings you will ever have at the theater... such a hoot"

This Stage LA - "So funny and so smart... gorgeous... relentlessly entertaining and beautifully performed."

Stage Raw - "About the most fun one can have in the theatre.... exquisitely calibrated... a genuinely hilarious production, and a Fringe must-see." (Top Ten)

Gia On The Move - "The most fun you will have at Fringe... So creatively absurd is the comedy and so galvanizing is the writing, directing and performances... you may be in jeopardy of spending an entire pay day check on socks! Brilliant!"

See It Or Skip It - “Oh my Goodness, I had so much fun... I cried because I was laughing so hard... If you can get a ticket to this, you won’t be disappointed... a must-see.... just go, get there!”

fringereview.com - "Brilliant comedic minds... razor-sharp... tight and astute performances... by golly, you just want to knock Clark Gable's hat off his dumb head"

ScopingLA - "Want to get that pent up aggression out of your system...? 'Easy Targets' at Sacred Fools is here for you... incredibly entertaining... these talented actors are eager to see what your pitching arm can deliver. Come at ’em!"

Haunting - "Masterful blend of a one-person show, props, and audience participation... one of the best shows I’ve seen at Fringe to date"

The TVolution - "Absurd perfection... so dead-on funny... As far as 14 karat zaniness goes, this show was a Fort Knox"

The Scotsman (Scotland’s National Newspaper) – “The woman next to me laughed so hard, she had to use an inhaler.”

Three Weeks (Scotland) – “Jaw droppingly good comedy”

The Stage (Scotland) – “This is just great fun”

The Daily Bruin – “Seeing a play has never been so much fun”