EASY TARGETS is for every audience member who has sat in the dark at a bad play thinking they now know what prison must be like. It allows the audience to act out the fantasy of punishing their jailers. A satire of one-person-shows, each EASY TARGETS evening draws 4-6 short solo shows from a library of titles such as “Hi Dad I’m Gay”, “An Evening with Abraham Lincoln” and “All About Me”, and then invites the audience to show their “appreciation” by pummeling the performers with rolled-up socks any time they feel bored, annoyed, patronized, manipulated, etc. Each audience of EASY TARGETS forms a pack working to remind the performers, writers and designers that if they fail to respect the audience, they will suffer the sock.



The Scotsman (Scotland’s National Newspaper) – “The woman next to me laughed so hard, she had to use an inhaler.”

Three Weeks (Scotland) – “Jaw droppingly good comedy”

The Stage (Scotland) – “Great fun”

The Daily Bruin – “Seeing a play has never been so much fun”